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Pastoral Care at Coláiste Muire

The pastoral system at Coláiste Muire is well established and was commented upon as a significant strength of the school during inspection. The staff are caring and share an excellent rapport with students. This support network helps nurture and develop all students so that they can grow and reach their full potential. Students report feeling safe and happy at school, which is a credit to the diligent work that has gone on for a long time. All students have a Year Head who work hard to support their students, along with a Class Tutor for students in 1st year. Where support is required, staff are compassionate and approachable.

In addition to this, the school benefits from a Youth Liasion Officer, provided through the Home Youth Liasion Service. The Youth Liaison Officer visits the school once per week and is available to support students and their families. Coláiste Muire also has two fully qualifited Guidance Counsellors.



Wellbeing is now a embedded part of the Junior Cycle curriculum at Coláiste Muire. Within curriculum time, Wellbeing is covered by SPHE, CSPE and PE. Junior students also complete a Learning to Learn module as well as various other modules related to their wellbeing and which are adapted to the needs of the student group in question. Some activities that are currently running include Art, Craft, Yoga, Study Skills and a Friendship Programme. To complete the Wellbeing programme, all Junior students have a Computer skills class, part of which teaches online safety and awareness. At Senior level, Wellbeing is embedded in the Careers and Religious education classes. Outside speakers visit our school from time to time to talk with both students and parents. Our whole school participate in events such as Wellbeing Week, the Amber Flag programme, Yes and Be Well programmes.

Our school is always looking out for our wellbeing of all of our students and recognises that modern day life can be challenging for children. Our Catholic ethos sines through this caring approach.



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