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Colaiste Muire Ballymote

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Transition Year (TY) Programme

The Transition Year (TY) Programme is an optional programme provided within the school between the Junior Cycle and the Leaving Certificate.  Following from the more structured and prescriptive learning experience of the Junior Cycle, the TY is an opportunity to take stock, to explore new and different ways of learning, to expand the learning environment beyond the school walls into the wider community and the world of work and to lay a secure foundation for more mature decision making with regard to the Leaving Certificate and all that follows in the future.


  • To create an atmosphere separate from academic pressure where the student can grow and mature.

  • To broaden the student's awareness of and concern for others and to develop in them a sense of their own unique contribution of life.

  • To help develop special skills so that the student may better prepare for the vocational, cultural, recreational and practical demands of life.

  • To prepare the student for undertaking the Leaving Certificate course.



To help students:

  • discover their personal strengths

  • develop maturity and self-confidence

  • improve self-esteem

  • build interpersonal and team skills

  • make wiser and more informed choices for Leaving Certificate and university

  • extend learning beyond the classroom

  • catch up in subjects which they find difficult (especially Irish, English and Maths)

  • develop study skills for the Leaving Certificate

  • explore the working world through work placements during the year

  • achieve improved Leaving Certificate results (students score on average 45 points better having attended a TY programme)



  • 3rd year students will follow an interview process in February/March each year.

  • A fair selection process will be implemented and students along with their parents will be offered an appeal route through the Board of Management in the event that the student is unsuccessful in acquiring a place in TY.

  • The TY Application policy is available on the school website.


Transition Year 2020-21

‘Look into Law’ Programme

Our TY students are currently undertaking The Bar of Ireland's "Look into Law" Transition Year Programme. This is an exciting initiative aimed at increasing students' awareness of the work of The Bar of Ireland and to encourage students to consider a career as a barrister.


Stripe Virtual TY Event

Following Stripe’s announcement of their intention to create 1,000 new jobs in Ireland, we are delighted to announce that our TY students have been accepted to the Stripe TY Virtual Programme which takes place next week on 23rd and 24th March. Enjoy it TY students and well done!


Solicitors of the future

We were fortunate that Coláiste Muire was chosen to nominate one student to participate in the Solicitors of the Future programme which took place during the February mid-term break. Only 40 students were able to participate from across all of Ireland so we were very fortunate that our school got this opportunity. Well done to TY student Emily Loughlin who represented Coláiste Muire admirably.



Our TY students participated in the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland Transition Year MiniMed, Mini-Pharmacy and Mini-Physio programmes which took place from Monday February 22 – Fri Feb 26.  These programmes offered transition year students the opportunity to experience what it is like to train and work as a Doctor/Pharmacist/Physiotherapist.

All sections of the programme were carried out by leading professionals in their respective areas with a wide variety of topics – including general practice, heart surgery, pathology, paediatrics, forensic medicine, transplants, obstetrics and gynaecology being covered during the programme.



The TY ladies participated in iWish on March 4th. iWish is a Volunteer-led community committed to showcasing the power of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to female secondary school students. It is a Showcase event run over 4 days in Ireland where to date they have hosted 22,000 girls from 26 counties, complimented by the largest survey of girls in the country.


IFI Careers Workshop 2021

On March 4th the TY gentlemen participated in the IFI Careers 2021 workshop presented in association with Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival, and with the kind support of Screen Skills Ireland.


TY SHINE Festival

Our TY girls participated in the SHINE Festival from 8th – 10th March.  The SHINE festival is possibly the biggest gathering of inspirational Irish women ever. With over 80 speakers including Vicky Phelan, Laura Whitmore, Holly Cairns, Evanna Lynch, and many, many more, on topics such as mental health, mindset, career, diversity, individuality, the arts, sports, social issues, and sustainability. 


Setanta Conditioning Programme

On March 10th the TY boys registered for and completed the Setanta Conditioning programme.This online short course is a basic introduction to the concepts of fitness and conditioning for those looking to understand more about training and leading their own fitness routine. The course provides some basic concepts that will aid with training, whether the goal is fitness, muscle building, or general health and wellbeing.


Bank of Ireland Money Smarts Challenge

Our TY students with the assistance of Ms O’Donnell will be participating in the Bank of Ireland Money Smarts Challenge on April 27 & 28th next. Designed with the help of Business Studies teachers and Financial Wellbeing experts, this virtual national secondary school competition combines financial literacy education with a fun challenge.


Engineers Week-ARUP Engineering Workshop

Engineers Week encourages primary and post-primary students, their teachers and parents to explore the exciting world of engineering as well as highlighting the diverse career opportunities engineering offers.

As part of Engineering Week our TYs participated in the ARUP Engineering Workshop on March 2nd. ARUP is a global firm of engineering consultants, designers, development planners and project managers. ARUP hosted an interactive engineering panel discussion for secondary school students. In the panel, students got a flavour of the various engineering teams and got an opportunity to engage graduate engineers in a Q&A session. It started out naming various jobs that come from engineering. After an introduction, there were sections on structures, engineering Vs architecture, bridges and highways, mechanical, fire, water and geotech, finishing with pathways to engineering. There were graduates in each specific area of engineering explaining each role.



A selection of photos below from the TY surfing trip in September 2020:




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