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Colaiste Muire Ballymote

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Mission Statement

Coláiste Muire seeks to foster the personal development and pastoral care of each individual and to:

  • Maintain a balance between academic, technical and artistic achievement
  • Value each individual, recognising his/her uniqueness and dignity
  • Affirm the Catholic ethos and develop an appreciation and pride in his/her cultural heritage and environment
  • Develop a co-operative caring environment between parents, teachers and home
  • Maintain a policy of openness to all, regardless of class, creed or culture.


School Vision & Aims

In Coláiste Muire, we aim to foster the holistic development of each student by:

  • providing a curriculum which offers equal opportunities for all in areas of academic, technical, artistic and job related activities
  • providing a living witness to the Catholic faith while teaching understanding and tolerance towards all
  • offering a pastoral structure to take part in charitable activities, particularly in the area of care for the needy
  • allowing for the development of personal and interpersonal skills and spiritual development
  • creating an awareness and pride in our cultural heritage and traditions while also making the student aware of their European and global identity
  • empowering students to develop their talents and use them in the service of one another, the school and the wider community
  • encouraging a respect for the environment and the world we live in


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