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Colaiste Muire Ballymote

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Learning Support, Career Guidance & Counselling

Learning Support:

  • Students experiencing educational difficulties are referred to the Additional Educational Needs team for assessment/profiling. Support will be allocated where required.

  • Computer diagnostic testing is used (CAT4) along with NGRT, MCT and other tests approved by DES.

  • Individual Education Programmes are devised for students with Additional Educational Needs.

  • Individual and small group tuition offered as well as Team Teaching.

  • Referrals made to Educational Psychologist in some cases.

  • The Additional Educational Needs policy is available on the school website.

  • Parents are welcome to contact the Additional Educational Needs co-ordinator at any time.


Career Guidance & Counselling

Coláiste Muire has two fully qualified Guidance Counsellors to provide educational and personal counselling as well as vocational career guidance. A comprehensive programme of advice and direction is available to all students. Information is available on career opportunities and college courses.

The school has a guidance Team and follows a whole-school guidance plan. The Career Guidance Service offers:

  • Assessment 

  • Aptitude Testing 

  • Skills Analysis 

  • Advice on subject choice 

  • Interview Training 

  • Third Level Presentations 

  • Attendance at Careers Exhibitions 

  • Visits to Third Level Colleges


Group career classes are available to Junior and Leaving Certificate students.

Individual guidance is provided on an on-going basis to all Leaving Certificate students.

Parents are welcome to contact the Guidance Counsellor at any time.

The Guidance Counselling policy is available on the school website.


Student Support Team

In Coláiste Muire, each person is valued and respected for who they are. Within our school, there exists a supportive, safe and friendly environment, where we foster collaboration and promote equality and tolerance as preparation for life and involvement in society. Our Student Support policy is available on the school website. The school has a Student Support Team.


Year Heads

The Year Head on behalf of the school community takes on the role of overseeing the welfare of the school’s year groups so that learning, at every level of the person, is supported. In keeping with our mission statement the Year Head oversees the personal development and pastoral care of each individual student in the given year.

Essentially a pastoral role, however serious breaches of discipline, when reported in writing, will be dealt with in consultation with the Deputy Principal and/or Principal. The Year Head has general responsibility for the observance of school policy by the year group.

Year Heads 2022 - 2023:

1st year: Ms. Rosario Heaney-McGreal

2nd year: Ms. Hilda Griffin

3rd year: Ms. Fiona Keane

TY: Ms. Maura Cullinan

5th & 6th Girls: Ms. Jill Connor

5th & 6th Boys: Mr. Michael Mahon


Class Tutors

First year students are allocated a Class Tutor. The current class Tutors for first year are:

1A: Charles O’Connor

1B: Eileen Greene

1C: Lorraine McDermott

The class tutor will meet with each student at least once per term.


Student Support Team

The Student Team meets weekly and comprises the Principal, Deputy Principal, AEN Co-ordinator, Guidance Counsellor and HYLS Officer.


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